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Here is outline the "Get AHEAD in Pathways" webinar deck

Review the training slide deck:
Updated October 2019: Get Ahead in Pathways slide Deck (2019 October)

old version: GetAHEADinPathways webinar Slide deck

Webinar: Get AHEAD in Pathways

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Because the vice president education, president, and secretary all have access to complete Base Camp manager tasks, I recommend creating an email address that all three club officers have access to. To ensure Base Camp manager emails are sent to this address, you will need to update your club email address in Club Central.


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Matthew's advice: There is one thing that is a very good idea before the presentation:
Ask every member to verify they can login to the TI website as a member - or use the forgot password process and then verify they can login.

Read about Club Preparation plan for Pathways Rollouts

Virtual Support Sessions - ALL VP Eds can contact me to get questions answered

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Google Hangout: mkleinosky

Unofficial guide to Getting a DTM in Pathways

With Toastmasters new Pathways educational system, the “path' to DTM has changed…

1. Required parts – all must be done
2. Electives – do 1 from each of the 2 Elective boxes
3. DTM project is required final piece
4. All required pieces and electives may be done in any order






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